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2024 Proposal Submission


NMFWA is planning holding its Annual Workshop in Grand Rapids MI on March 25-29, 2024. Proposals for training workshops, special technical sessions, and or papers on emerging and relevant topics, as well as ideas for field trips in the Grand Rapids area, are now being accepted.

Session Types

Training Sessions: Training sessions are designed to provide members an opportunity to learn through participation, discussion and/or demonstration and to become more proficient in a specific technique, process, or skill. Trainings may be a half- (4 hours) or full-day (8 hours) in length and will be scheduled on the Monday or Friday of the NMFWA Workshop. A Certificate of Completion for each participant is required for every training session. Training organizers are required to provide a suggested maximum number of attendees and will be responsible for coordination with the NMFWA Workshop Program Chair.

Technical Papers/Sessions or Panel Discussion: These include oral presentations or a panel of experts that address new and emerging topics. Single paper submissions are welcome. For Special Sessions or if you are requesting a Panel Discussion, organizers will be responsible for coordinating with the NMFWA Workshop Program Chair, planning and moderating their session or panel, selecting speakers/presenters, and meeting required deadlines for abstracts. Papers/Session time
recommendations range from a single 20-minute presentation to a maximum of a 2-hour special session or panel discussion.

Field Trips: If you have an idea for a field trip or would like to organize a field trip that could be held in or around the Grand Rapids Area, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Note: Working Group Meetings are limited to 30 minutes for business purposes only. Single or multiple papers focused topics that may have previously been presented during a Working Group business meeting during past Workshops should be submitted as a technical papers.

Proposal Submissions & Requirments

Deadline for submission is September 1st! Presenters and Session Chairs will be notified if their proposals have been accepted by October 1st at the latest. Please click on the button below to submit your proposal.

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