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April 1988 /Vol. V No. 1

April 1988 /Vol. V No. 1



· List of Board of Directors

· Generalized areas of involvement include-Training members-Association Development-Organization Recognition & Communications all have success stories

· Tentative Workshop and Meeting Agenda, Meeting Accommodations-place-price

· Nominations for Board of Directors

· Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, Information on the Awards Committee, Information on the Law Enforcement training Session at Fort Carson, Colorado

· Fort McCoy Military Reservation located in Wisconsin-13 bodies of water (3 man-made lakes), 10  are impoundments on trout streams, types of research, Stream habitat improvement is an annual project,  who they employee

· The New England Cottontail is winter project at Fort Devens, Hunter Survey -muzzleloader season for deer-effects on the antlerless deer harvest, What the Computer Aided Drafting System (CAD) is able to accomplish

· Fertilizing Fish ponds-the yield difference between fertilized and unfertilized ponds, when and how to fertilize, estimated cost per acre

· List of Conferences/Training Courses

· List of Publication Announcements

· Thomas Wray II last issue as editor

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