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June1990/Vol. VII No.2

June1990/Vol. VII No.2



· List of Board Members

· List of Committees

· Highlights of recent meeting in Denver, Co, New issues including base realignment/closure and increased public scrutiny of our mission and our activities, Decisions made in next few years will set tone for DOD land use, Participate in the Association, The strength and power of the NMFWA

· Results of the March 1990 meeting, List of the DNCR resolution recommendations, Cost to distribute the FAWN, Chevron Award package was not submitted by DOD because it mentioned lobbying, Absentee voting was adopted, developing a set of guidelines for conducting and developing the annual meeting program, Nominations Committee wants more information about the candidates to the membership, Discussion about whether the election or bylaws vote should be held first,  Purchase of display, Law Enforcement Chairman reported of training course held in June 1989, List of concerns about the current draft of the DOD-USF & WS Law Enforcement Memorandum of Agreement, Association is helping the MACOM meet their training requirements, The Secretary/Treasurer’s report was accepted, Election of officers, Discussion of changes to the Bylaws, Discussion of mail-in ballots, suggestion the professionalism should be added to the preamble, The need for East-West boundary changes, Activities of the newsletter, Expenses for the program and etc., Discussion about photo request for display, Information on training courses, Response about the Installation Fish and Wildlife Management Activities Questionnaire, Outcome of the riparian zones, The Law Enforcement Training Resolutions, Corps of Engineers members voting status and outlook of natural resources issues, Suggestion for the 1991 meeting location, Minutes from the NMFWA Board of Directors Meeting

· List of individuals/groups that were honored during the annual banquet

· Where to send nominations for awards

· List of Vacancies

· Plans for the Annual Meeting 1991

· Number of members, Expenses, Current balance, Newsletter expenses

· Use of recycled paper, Wants feedback, Adding new Sections to newsletter

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