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March 1987 /Vol. IV No. 3

March 1987 /Vol. IV No. 3



· List of Board of Directors

· Appreciation and congratulations to those that attended training and business meeting in Baltimore, Highlights of what was discussed, list of committee assignments, discussion regarding what constitutes membership within the NMFWA and who can participate as a voting member, recommunication as to the elimination of what they consider discriminatory or semantics problem please let them hear from you, sending each individual member a copy of this newsletter

· Synopsis of Annual Business Meeting, NMFWA Sikes Act Resolution, format of meetings, recommendation for next meeting, awards committee formed

· Account balance and total members

· Naval Station Roosevelt Roads off tip of Puerto Rico – Vieques Naval Reservation (VNR) -size-mangrove system provide habitat as fish nurseries and waterbird rookeries also coral and turtle/manatee seagrass zones – includes 8 federal and 11 commonwealth endangered species – 218 cultural sites have been identified within the VNR – protect wetlands, cultural sites, sea turtle nesting, rare flora and pelican nesting – forestry development

· The DOD Natural Resources Group – who they are and what they do, Nongame management, list of professional wildlife program managers, information on the Pacific Missile Test Center/Naval Air Station-Point Mugu, California

· Endangered Species Act, Fish and Wildlife Conservation (nongame) Act, Leghold Trapping Ban, Hunter Protection Act

· Views on off-site mitigation and on-site mitigation

· Wildlife Law Enforcement training sessions, Unique Writing workshop

· Snowy Owl Watch - requesting help

· List of job openings

· Newsletter – last date articles accepted for publication

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