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October 1988 /Vol. V No. 2

October 1988 /Vol. V No. 2



· List of Board of Directors

· Larry D Adams President of NMFWA introduces himself and comments on the recent NMFWA meetings

· Meeting was held in Albuquerque, NM, - speakers representing all military branches was heard discussing several different topics, awards banquet was held, Minutes from the NMFWA board meeting-Secretary/Treasurer resigned, his position was filled temporary , bank balance, cost to print and distribute newsletter, Special Act Awards, Law Enforcement Committee working on job description/classification for Game Wardens, Information on Law Enforcement Training Course, discussion about some opposition to producing Game Wardens with an MP “mind set”, 2 people announced resignations from Board of Directors, Sikes Act up for renewal, it was recommended that the NMFWA support helicopter purchase for law enforcement in Louisiana, 2 other meetings called to order by Tom Warren and Larry Adams

· Following resolutions were discussed and adopted, Public Relations-Military Land Inventory and Monitoring-Natural Resources Law Enforcement, also resolutions to be considered at the next meeting

· The NMFWA presented several awards-Mr. George F. Walters for outstanding contribution to the Fort Lewis, Wa wildlife management program-Steven Emmons for significant contributions to the Department of Defense’s wildlife law enforcement program-Tom Warren for his dedicated service as NMFWA President-Gene Stout for his efforts to start the NMFWA and act as its first President-Don Cole, Dr. Vic Diersing and Dr. Robert Shaw received Certificates of Achievement

· Information on the next Annual Meeting

· A report on the income and expenses, the number of members, who was dropped from the membership list

· Information on identifying potential candidates for awards

· Primarily a business issue, deadline for receiving articles

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