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September 1986/Vol. III No. 3

September 1986/Vol. III No. 3



· List Board of Directors

· the importance of training and training sessions at the Nov 1986 training session/business meeting program in Baltimore

· Tentative workshop and meeting agenda, Meeting accommodations, Nominations for Board of Directors, proposed constitution and bylaw amendments

· Fort Lewis in Washington State – acres-predominate forest type-Nisqually River- timber management program – major wildlife species – warm water fish species and saltwater fish – enhancement of wetlands – wildlife management include bluebird nest box – timber sales – major fishery enhancement – placement of instream structures to provide cover in trout and salmon spawning stream – artificial saltwater reef

· Concern that unrestricted membership could dilute the intended focus of the organization – recommend that the opinions of the membership be polled – argue the case for open membership to COE

· Natural Resources Awards – Data Bases Available – Literature Available - //wildlife Resources Management Manual – Western Bluebirds

· Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard Workshop, Wildlife Law Enforcement Training Session, A National Symposium on Urban Wildlife, 43rd Northeast fish and Wildlife Conference

· Account balances and cost of newsletter

· Appreciation to those who submitted articles, disappointed by overall participation

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