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BASH Working Group Elections

Voting Closes June 26th

Before we cast our votes, let's take a moment to meet our candidates for the Chairperson position of the BASH Working Groups. These individuals have stepped forward to lead. Our first candidate is a dedicated professional with a proven track record in the field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. The second option presents a unique approach with a dynamic team of two co-chairs, leveraging their combined strengths and complementary skills to lead our working groups. Each candidate offers a distinct perspective and set of qualifications, and it is essential for us to get acquainted with their backgrounds, visions, and goals. Let's now move forward and get to know our candidates better as we make an informed decision together.

Zack Bowers


Years of Service: 21

Time at NAS Fallon: 11

Time in PWD: 1 year

Department: Environmental

Job Title: Natural Resource Specialist

Time in Current Position: 1 year

Background Info:

Received a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries biology and management from the University of Wyoming. Worked for USDA/Wildlife Services for nearly 20 years serving in a number of positions including wildlife (BASH) biologist at NAS Fallon for 10 years, prior to transferring over to the Navy where I currently serve as a Natural Resource Specialist. I've also conducted BASH activities at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.  While working as a BASH Biologist I conducted and wrote 2 wildlife hazard assessments and 1 wildlife hazard management plan.

Alicia Garcia (USAF) and Jessica Gorski (USDA)

bash 2b.jpg

Background Info:

Alicia Garcia (USAF) and Jessica Gorski (USDA) would be proud to serve as co-chairs for the NMFWA BASH Working Group.  As veterans with extensive experience working with rotary wing aircraft, we understand concerns about BASH and flight safety from lived experience.  After leaving military service, we have both dedicated our educational and professional careers to evidence-based wildlife management targeted at reducing conflicts between humans and wildlife as partners from different agencies, Alicia and Jessica both recognize that the greatest accomplishments occur when people work together to find mutually beneficial solutions to safeguard flight operations and improve outcomes for wildlife.  As co-chairs, we will embody the spirit of interagency cooperation that we believe is the future of continuing to improve flight safety and wildlife management.


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