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Sponsorship Levels

Bronze Level – $500,

Entitled to:

  • • Sponsor recognition in meeting program

  • • Booth space at “Show & Tell” evening event


Silver Level – $1500,

Entitled to:

  • • Same as ‘Bronze Level’ above, plus;

  • • One [1] complimentary meeting registration; and

  • • A ¼ page ad in meeting program

Gold Level – $2500,

Entitled to:

  • • Same as ‘Silver Level’ above, plus;

  • • One [1] additional complimentary meeting registration, for a total of two [2] complimentary meeting registrations; and 

  • • Full year (3 issues) ¼ page ad in Fawn Newsletter

Platinum Level – $3000,

Entitled to:

  • • Same as ‘Gold Level’ above, plus;

  • • Signage at all events (Show & Tell, Mixer, Awards Banquet, etc.)

  • • Full year logo advertisement on NMFWA Website


DoD Organizations – $0,

Entitled to:

  • • Booth space at “Show & Tell” evening event. Must notify the Program Coordinator at at least 15 business days prior to start of conference to reserve a spot.

Sponsorship Details


For Logos and Ads to appear on workshop materials:

  • • Checks must be received by the NMFWA Treasurer a minimum of 30 business days before the first day of the workshop.

  • • Logos and Ads must be received by the Program Chair ( by February 13, 2024. 


If your Sponsorship Level includes Complimentary Registration, complete the following steps:


  1. 1. Please email the name(s) of the complimentary registrants to the NMFWA Treasurer, at and at least 5 days prior to registering for the conference. This will allow for proper tracking of your registration. (Recommend also CCing the NMFWA President, at

  2. 2. Once the treasurer receives the name(s) of the sponsor’s intended complimentary registrant(s), the sponsor will receive a "discount code" that the sponsor’s 1-2 registrants (depending on sponsorship level) will need to enter during the registration process. 

  3. 3. To register, follow the registration link from the NMFWA Workshop webpage at Select registration for "National Military Fish and Wildlife Association."  During registration, you will enter the code at the end of the registration process. Register during EARLY BIRD PRICING to maximize the value of your contribution. NMFWA’s early bird registration has been extended through 24 Feb. (Recommend also CCing the NMFWA President at


Make Checks Payable to the: National Military Fish and Wildlife Association


Checks can be mailed to:


c/o Russ Lawrence

1282 Franklin Street

Ogden, Utah 84403


For additional information on sponsorship or other payment methods, please contact the NMFWA Treasurer (




  • • Need to be high resolution (minimum of 300dpi), to ensure the image prints clearly in the program and on other advertisement boards as appropriate.  Either Color or Black & White/Grayscale is acceptable (your preference).

Advertisements (Ads):

  • • Ads will be placed on an 8 1/2” x 11” page and we can adjust the size of the ad if you provide a high resolution (minimum of 300dpi) image file. Our publisher can handle just about any basic high resolution file.  Either Color or Black & White/Grayscale is acceptable (your preference).

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