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East Regional Director 2

East Regional Director 2

Alan Schultz

East Regional Director 2

Alan followed a Wildlife Management Degree from Humboldt with Forester and Wildlife Biologist positions with state and private land management, and now 30 years with Navy and Army installations around the Southeast.    

His greatest passion is in all things avian and in habitat management - to grow wildlife. His experience includes silviculture, endangered species, and wildlife monitoring / research programs; supervising teams of Federal Wildlife Officers and Biologists / Managers; and directing a rather significant Hunting & Fishing Program.

Although a Certified Wildlife Biologist with TWS, his organizational affinity has always been strongest with NMFWA: the ultimate DoD professional sharing and peer support group.   

In keeping with his avian conservation enthusiasm, he has found great reward with participation in, and support to DoD Partners in Flight. He is zealous in his philosophy that military training is paramount, but that there are always win/wins for multiple conservation and human needs, and that NMFWA plays a critical role in finding, sharing, and perpetuating them; across the country and across the Services - an essential message that needs to be continually shared up to our DoD leaders!   

His personal interests are pursued with his wife (Terry, also a Wildlife Biologist) and daughter (Megan, more biologist than she realizes!).  They involve family endeavors with a fleet of kayaks, a sailboat (the ownership of which is logically questionable), and all things hunting dog and wingshooting, although the latter is lately more with longbow - so sustenance hunting is not really an option (but the dogs don’t care… as long as you just go hunting)

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