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At-Large-Director 2

April Andujar

At-Large-Director 2


  • Serves a two-year term, elected by simple majority of the membership vote. One of the two At-Large Director positions shall be elected in even-numbered years and the other in odd-numbered years to maintain continuity.

  • Provide assistance to the President as requested, particularly with special projects.

  • Make regular progress reports to the President, and submit necessary items for approval prior to taking action.

  • Serve on the Awards Committee by soliciting nominations from the membership, reviewing award nominations and providing recommendations.

  • Assist the Program Chair and Newsletter Editor by soliciting technical papers for the Annual Training Workshop and articles for the newsletter, respectively.

  • Provide the Newsletter Editor with at least one article for each edition of the newsletter.

  • The At-Large Director whose term is not expiring shall serve on the Nominations Committee to provide a slate of officers for the following year.

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