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November 1990/Vol. VII No.3

November 1990/Vol. VII No.3



· List of Board Members

· List of Committees

· Changes in DOD Resources Management, Number of pages in Environmental Law Report, DOD demands a variety of skills, Conservation-oriented groups have grown, How we can help our Commands and DOD, Welcome Thomas James as New AT-Large Director West, Job listings

· The topics that NMFWA is looking for, Meeting with DOD Natural Resources Workshop, Program Chairperson has decided to relinquish this responsibility

· Poster Committee is soliciting your assistance in up-dating  the Association poster

· Need members to run for office, First year for mail-in ballot system

· Submit nominations for the NMFWA awards programs

· Information on the 1990 Wildlife Law Enforcement Training Session, Firearms decision training on a Hogan’s Alley type pistol range, need someone to host the 1991 version of this annual training event

· Membership, expenses, current balance

· Signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense and the US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, List of what is included under the MOU

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