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Wildlife Management Institute

A group of sportsmen and businessmen deeply concerned about declining wildlife populations established the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) in 1911. WMI, a private, nonprofit group, evolved into a scientific and educational organization that is dedicated to the conservation, enhancement, and professional management of North America's wildlife and other natural resources.

Over the past century, WMI has testified before Congress, produced and published books, flyers, bulletins, and brochures on wildlife species and related topics, worked collectively with other conservation interests on a myriad of important conservation issues, and sponsored the annual North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Conference (NAWNRC). In essence, WMI has empowered many individuals and groups.

The establishment of the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association (NMFWA) in 1983 was marked with the typical issues a young fledgling group would expect. Searching for recognition from both within and outside of the Department of Defense, attempting to run a national organization with members scattered across the landscape, and the means for putting together a meaningful annual gathering just to mention a few.

Thank goodness WMI was there to lead us down the path. After meeting with regional wildlife organizations the first few years, WMI invited us to meet with them in 1986 at the NAWNRC in Reno, NV. This was truly an important and critical step in our development. This budding relationship with WMI allowed us to attain recognition as a viable conservation entity. In 1989, the two partners established a joint NAWNRC registration and the NMFWA has meet with WMI every year except one since then.

Over the years, WMI has been instrumental in the growth of our organization. They were there to support us during the Sikes Act reauthorizations in 1986 and 1997. Our long battle with contracting out natural resources positions within the Department of Defense was fought with them at our side. We were the benefactors of their organizational skills as they coordinated and presented their annual conferences.

The significance of WMI to our organization was highlighted by the creation of the Laurence R. Jahn Award. This special award was established in honor of Larry Jahn (deceased), a former president of WMI. He provided tireless support to help us grow and become established within the national community of conservation organizations.

WMI empowered us and undoubtedly played a major role in defining who we are today. It is our distinct pleasure to induct this premiere organization into the NMFWA’s National Military Conservation Hall of Fame.

Wildlife Management Institute
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