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2022 NMFWA Presentation

Development and Integration of the AFSEC BASH Dashboard Pilot
The use of insecticides to increase aviation safety

Item List

Bat Conservation Working Group
Working Group Summary Slide
Surveys of Tricolored Bat Winter-roost Structures on Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field, 2019-2022
Utilizing Advanced Genetic Methods in DoD Natural Resource Management: Multifaceted DNA Metabarcoding and Bats
Automating large scale collection, processing, and reporting of bat acoustic recordings by leveraging Florida USAF-USFWS partnership resources at Avon Park Air Force Range.
Bats on Bases: Surveys, Research, and Conservation
Implementing NABat: Tools, Resources and Digital Infrastructure
A Review of the upcoming Species Status Assessments and Listing Decisions for the Northern Long-eared Bat, Tri-colored Bat, and Little Brown Bat
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