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Development and Integration of the AFSEC BASH Dashboard Pilot


Gwynn Ellis, Env. GIS AFCEC Team Lead, Colorado State University/Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands:

Kyle Russell, Wildlife Biologist, Deputy Chief – USAF BASH Team, HQ Air Force Safety Center:


The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) and the United States Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) collaborated with the Air Force Safety Center (AFSEC) to integrate and standardize Geographic Information System (GIS) data collected in Wildlife Hazard Assessment (WHA) surveys to create a functional solution for AF-wide use. This ongoing coordination includes wildlife data integration into a GIS dashboard to allow for visualization alongside other USAF GIS datasets in order to improve decision making. Additional capabilities include the ability to conduct queries and analysis within the application in order to further evaluate the data. The ultimate goal is to transform survey data results from being offline single-use solutions to DoD-accessible cloud-hosted standardized GIS applications on a centralized interactive website. The resulting effort has created a go-to location where Planning, Operations, Natural Resources Program Managers, and other Bird/wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) stakeholders can engage with GIS products and conduct analysis to generate further awareness. We will discuss our workflow including data collection, standardization, and application development. Additionally, we will discuss the capabilities gained by leveraging Air Force cloud solutions as well as the way forward for future application and expansion.

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