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Invasive Species

Battling a beautiful beast: Stinknet on the Barry M. Goldwater Range East


Tiffany M. Shepherd, Wildlife Biologist, 56th Range Management Office, Luke Air Force Base, Barry M. Goldwater Range East:


Stinknet (Oncosiphon piluliferum) is a recent invasive, non-native plant found in Arizona and California with the potential to become one of the worst invasive plants in our region. Luke Air Force Base 56th Range Management Office, in coordination with adjacent landowners and local stakeholders, is closely monitoring the spread of stinknet within the vicinity of the Barry M. Goldwater Range East (BMGR-E) and carrying-out control measures following recent detections. Expansion of stinknet onto BMGR-E will directly degrade the military training value of the range because it will likely increase the number and intensity of wildfires, threatening training schedules and on-the-ground military assets. Stinknet expansion will indirectly degrade the military mission by displacing native vegetation, adversely affecting native plants and wildlife, and potentially pushing some species towards listing. In spring 2021, stinknet was found for the first time at three separate locations on the BMGR-E. This presentation will provide an overview of the multi-agency coordination, planning, and response 56 RMO has undertaken to combat this beautiful beast.

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