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Technology Application

Motus: A tool for combining flight safety, compliance, and conservation at U.S. Air Force Installations


Michael Jungen, Fish & Wildlife Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service – McConnell Air Force Base:

Galen Truan, Wildlife Biologist, USDA APHIS:

David Pettus, Natural Resources Manager, USAF AMC 22 CES/CEIEC:

Capt. Nathan Siemens, Flight Safety Officer, USAF AMC 22 ARW/SE:

Matthew Couchman, Wildlife Biologist, USDA APHIS:


Motus Wildlife Tracking System (Motus) is an international initiative that can map bird migration to identify priority areas for conservation. Motus can also be used as a tool that transcends the original conservation-oriented purposes of the system. At McConnell Air Force Base (MAFB), the natural resources manager, USFWS biologist, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services representatives, and active duty flight safety coordinators have embraced the use of Motus as an opportunity to collect data to improve flight safety, meet Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan objectives, and contribute to a global conservation initiative. This presentation will describe how data obtained from Motus meets these goals, outline the benefits of installing Motus on Air Force, and more broadly DoD, installations, and describe some of the challenges and opportunities associated with the effort to install Motus on MAFB.

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