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Hall Of Fame

"We've got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help those who come after us."

-Michelle Obama

Nomination Process

Anyone is welcome to submit a nomination for a NMFWA Hall of Fame Inductee. Criteria for individuals or organizations are provided below. Nomination packages should be limited to 1,500 words or less and highlight the criteria listed below. A photo of the individual or a logo of the organization should be included as well. Nominations shall be submitted to the NMFWA Hall of Fame Committee at

 For Individuals:

  1. Individuals may have served in any capacity. They may have been a military service member, a civilian employee, a contract employee, a volunteer, or any combination thereof. They may also be someone from outside of Department of Defense (such as a member of Congress) or the government (such as a leader within an NGO), who has made a significant contribution to conservation on Defense lands.

  2. Individuals shall:

    •  Be retired or otherwise not affiliated with conservation programs on DoD lands for at least 5 years prior to induction; or

    • Have this requirement waived by 67% vote of the committee (usually for only those cases where health of the living inductee is serious enough to warrant early induction).

  3. Lifetime contributions shall be limited to those individuals who spent at least 25 years of service to conservation on military lands and had a lasting impact to the profession on one or more installations. This honor is not intended to mirror the NMFWA Lifetime Achievement Award. It is not appropriate to everyone who had a long career. This is intended only for those who left a lasting mark by their actions.

  4. For singular or multiple event honorees, the event(s) shall have been significant to the level that it affected the way conservation programs are managed by Department of Defense and its employees. It may have been a new way of doing business or a precedent-setting event that improved conservation programs DoD-wide. It could be an act of heroism or sacrifice. It might be a political event or a simple innovation that makes a common task easier. For these honorees, the nomination should focus on the spark of inspiration and the dedication of the individual to bring their idea to life. Regardless of what the individual has done before or since, it is that singular event that this honor will commemorate.

For Organizations:

  1. Organizations may be governmental organizations, private (corporate) organizations, non-profit organizations, and any other group for which individual honor is inappropriate. 

  2. Organizations may be recognized for either singular events or for long-term contributions that positively impacted the way conservation programs worked within the Department of Defense.

  3. Organizations that no longer exist become eligible after five years.

  4. Organizations that still exist, will, in all likelihood, still be doing business with the Department of Defense in one sense or another. However, the event for which recognition is given will be no more recent than 10 years prior to induction.

  5. “Long-term” contributions of an organization shall require at least 25 years of association with conservation programs of the Department of Defense.

  6. “Singular” achievements of organizations shall meet the same lofty standards as those by individuals.

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