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June 1986/Vol. III No. 1

June 1986/Vol. III No. 1



· Board of Directors elected at 3rdannual meeting in Reno, Tom Wray is editor and will be looking for assistance from NMFWA members also list of members that you can use to get input into the newsletter

· Appreciation for those that attended training session in Reno, amended the Constitution and Bylaws, approved two position statement dealing with steel shot and trapping on DoD lands both were sent to DNRG for their consideration and results

· Access to mailing list, membership numbers, position statement regarding nontoxic shot, report on the status of the Sikes Act

· Waterfowl hunting with nontoxic shot, Trapping on Military Lands

· Multiple-Use and DoD Natural Resources Funding Proposal viewpoints, decision was made to stop publishing letters on this subject unless new viewpoints were presented

· Cutting publishing cost

· Sikes Act is still held up in 2 Senate Committees

· Where and when the NMFWA’s training/business meeting will be held.

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