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The Pollinator Working Group’s mission is to conserve pollinators and their habitats on DoD lands and/or lands used for military training by all Military Services.

We focus on collaborative research, education, management, and restoration.

Our primary goals are:

  • Facilitate communication and information exchange among members of the NMFWA interested in pollinator conservation and management;

  • Improve knowledge and technical capabilities of DoD and National Guard natural resources professionals in the area of pollinator biology, ecology, management, and legislation.

  • Increase awareness and appreciation within DoD and National Guard of pollinator conservation and management issues and decisions consistent with the primary missions of each service branch, major commands and installations.

Some of the activities we are involved in include organizing and facilitating workshops, meetings, e-mail discussions, symposia, newsletter articles, and other means whereby pollinator information can be shared. We also support the missions of the Military Services by developing technical reviews, position statements, and other materials regarding Pollinators and their habitats on DoD lands and/or lands used for military training.


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